Privacy Policy

All personal information handled by the Sea Station Network Secretariat is undertaken in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

1. Obtaining & Usage of Information
The Sea Station Network Secretariat only obtains the volume of personal information required for precisely implementing Sea Station activities. The usage thereof is limited to what is necessary for the carrying out of Sea Station activities.
2. Methods of Obtaining Information
The Sea Station Secretariat collects information listed in or entered on the various application forms, etc., that it uses in its operations.
There are also instances whereby information provided by questionnaire respondents, etc., may be collected.
3. Information Provision to Third Parties
The Sea Station Secretariat shall only provide personal information to third parties in the following instances:
- Whereby the assent of individuals has been obtained vis-à-vis the provision of their personal information to third parties.
- Whereby within the scope of achieving usage objectives, it is determined as necessary that personal information should be provided to subcontractors.
-Whereby it is determined that the provision of personal information is required in accordance with law.
-Whereby it is determined that the provision of personal information is required in accordance with the public interest.
4. Exchange of Information in Accordance With Contractual Considerations, Etc.
At the Sea Station Secretariat, there are instances of the undertaking of information exchanges with insurance companies, etc., within that context that is deemed necessary for the implementation of Sea Station activities.
5. Information Protection
The National Association of Sea Stations shall carry out the measures deemed necessary for the suitable management of personal information.

Usage Restrictions, Copyright

Concerning copyright pertaining to the images and materials, etc., published on this website, in addition to the Sea Stations Secretariat, the ownership thereof shall lie with the creators, etc., of the website; with all of the rights that are duly acquired therein being protected under the Copyright Act.
Pertaining to likenesses of personalities and models, as well as backgrounds used on this website, the usage purposes and usage periods thereof shall be in accordance with provisions set out by contractual agreement. Accordingly, as a basic rule, commencing with the appropriation and or usage of such designs, images, materials and likenesses on either personal websites or within printed materials, the following types of usage shall be forbidden.
(Usage shall be deemed to constitute any of the following behaviors: copying, public transmission, usage in film, publishing, buying and selling, renting, translation, modification, licensing and/or re-usage.)